Simplify your abstract submission to collect only the data that you need

Centralize abstracts, notices, and reviews into a cloud based solution that is configured for your organization. You control the questions and the workflow to fit your needs and simplify your work.

Allow reviewers to score submissions based on your criteria

Design your workflow to either automatically assign reviewers based on the submission content or assign them directly. As the organizer, you choose what criteria you want your organizers to use in their evaluation and what happens next.

Choosing what is accepted and what is rejected is completely configurable. The notices that you send can all be configurable and custom based on any number of data criteria that you choose. Personalization allows you to better connect with your members and builds loyalty to your organization's brand.

Evaluate submissions and reviews using all the data you collected

The ErisUnleashed! platform is a full managed service. That means we take care of the hard stuff like site security, hacker prevention, backups, and keeping the lights on. You focus on the business of conference management while we focus on the business of service delivery.

You control the workflow and the forms that fit your needs