Live vs. Pre-Recorded Format

There are many benefits to having speakers give their presentations live such as audience engagement and the speakers feeling like it is a real conference. However, when hosting an online conference it might be beneficial to consider using pre-recorded presentation formats to avoid some difficulties and issues that may come up during the conference.

Especially when it comes to larger conferences with more speakers, having the presentations pre-recorded ahead of time can help ensure that there are no internet issues on the speakers’ end. This prevents the need to make sure each speaker has fast enough internet for hundreds to be on the call during the conference. Issues with the internet is one of the most common issues when it comes to hosting an online conference, streaming the presentations from a central location (Eris Unleashed) ensures that as long as the attendees have internet access, they will be able to hear and see the entire presentation without interruption or poor connection.

Another benefit to using a pre-recorded format is the ability for conference organizers to look over the presentations and make sure the content is appropriate and fitting. Eris Enterprise partners with On Point Communications in order to provide coaching to speakers on how to give an effective and engaging presentation to make sure it is the best quality possible. The pre-recorded video format also gives the speakers the ability to make sure that their presentation is exactly how they want it to be. This allows the content of the presentations to be clear and not cut short. Delegates of the conference will gain the most out of this format because there is less room for technical and user errors.

In order to still maintain the in person conference feel using pre-recorded videos, previous conferences using the Eris Unleashed platform have utilized a live Q & A session at the end of the recorded sessions. Additionally, Eris Enterprise has dedicated technological hosts who are there to start and transition to new videos and are the hosts of each separate zoom venue. The hosts are there to resolve any quick technological difficulties and to make sure that the delegates are able to hear and see each presentation.

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