Creators of ErisUnleashed!


Events and conferences are organized for the purpose of bringing like minded people together and sharing ideas. We know you have a lot on your mind with the organization of the event. We also know that many of the connections you work so hard at inspiring can get missed in the process. ERISUNLEASHED! has created an intuitive linked engagement platform that is revitalizing the way we event plan, organize and engage or participants.


two successful  hikers cheering to sunrise on mountain peak

Our Philosophy

"It is our belief that we are a healthier and happier society when we are engaged as a community. We often get caught up in the details with event planning and forget about the most important piece-the total engagement & experience of your attendees. ErisUnleashed is your link to making these connections happen and inspire further collaboration. I hope that you join us and together we can make our future events a true success."

— Matt Florian