Break the Conference Rules


Conferences are typically confined into consecutive action-packed days with plenary speakers and breakout sessions. Now that conferences are being pushed into an online venue, there is more room to embrace the chance to expand your conference over multiple days. Here’s why you might want to consider doing this. 

No Travel Necessary! 

With the switch from a face-to-face conference, there are many things that change. One of them being travel. A consecutive day conference was more convenient before because that meant fewer days taken off work or away from home. Before, people had to think about hotel accommodations and other costs associated with travel. Now, virtual conferences save money in the realm of travel for the attendees and speakers of the conference. This will make your conference much more accessible and open to more of the contributors and attendees that may have not been possible for logistical reasons.  

Make your conference time-zone friendly 

One of the obstacles with moving to virtual conferences is figuring out how to host speakers and attendees from different time-zones, whether they are domestic or international. This allows you to build and expand your audience. If sessions are more flexibly built across multiple days, you attract a global audience who is able to attend more of the sessions that work for where they are. There are tools such as which can help you as a visual to see how time zones line up to make it most convenient for as many people possible.  

Help to combat zoom fatigue 

Zoom fatigue can become a very real and manifesting issue when people have to do almost everything from their home space. Expanding your conference out to a different period of time, such as a week or two weekends in a row can help to alleviate the effects of sitting in front of a computer screen for the entirety of a two-day conference. This will increase the audience’s engagement and interest with the content being presented and also give you the opportunity to present just as much information while giving time to adjust to unexpected problems. With an extended conference period, you can build in “brain break” activities because you are not confined to time. Encourage your attendees to step away from the screen and take a walk or do something to decompress and give their eyes a break from the screen for a little while.  

Better engagement 

We are all balancing our personal lives and figuring out exactly how to separate personal from professional at home. By spacing out your conference, you have more capability of holding the attention and not competing against the attendee’s outside life. This way, the attendees can set aside a certain amount of time such as four hours for a day of conference content on several different days. This will also make the conference more appealing to more attendees and speakers because they can maintain balance and not have to worry about isolating themselves from their lives so that they are in a quiet environment for the conference.  

Ready to see how we can help?

Eris Unleashed can help you transition your conference schedule from the traditional consecutive day format into a more effective conference format. Contact us for more information and a free demo to see how we can fit into your conference.

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