Be A Revenue Hero

As a conference organizer, I quickly learned that my preferred venue did not offer all the services I needed: a call for papers platform, curated lists of local eateries and attractions, scheduling software, and more. I had to research all of that myself on top of my full-time job! It would be nice if the venue was a one-stop shop with a the tools I need most.
Conference Organizer

Maintain Continuity in Uncertain Times

Eris Unleashed is designed for on-premise and virtual conferences. Choosing our platform allows institutions to maintain continuity in their conference and event support. Conference organizers are able to maintain their momentum even in uncertain times. 



Expand your product offerings without any capital expenses. It is the easiest decision you will make today.


Offer products for events that are being held off-site from your institution to generate more revenue for your center.


Eris Unleashed gives you access to high value product offerings and will help you evangelize your services across your institutional ecosystem.


Eris Unleashed is a managed services cloud offering. That means we take care of security for you and your clients.

Virtual Conference Center

Eris Unleashed includes the options for virtual conference room to augment existing capabilities or host entire conferences online.


Increase registrations by providing events the tools they need. Drive attendance with call for papers/speakers and digital marketing

You’re a one-stop-shop which means that Eris contracts with you and you contract with the event. That means you choose your own mark-up for Eris Unleashed. It really cannot get any easier than that.

You are not constrained to events held on your campus. You can offer services to those events that are happening anywhere. Your revenue building reach just went global!

You are now nailing your mandates of supporting the institution, the community, and delivering profit. Nicely done you REVENUE HERO!

$0 Capital Startup

Getting starting is as easy as signing up. You will not be charged until registrations  begin.

With the Eris Unleashed model, conference centers are able to bundle our product directly to their offering portolio.

With the Eris Unleashed platform, success is the shared outcome of events. We are in this together and will do what it takes to make you successful.


Get started today with Eris Unleashed

Every event needs a beautiful web site. This is primary marketing arm of the event. By providing a web site that promotes the event from announcement on through closing ceremonies event centers and organizers will draw in more attendees and that is a win for everyone.

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So many events get started with a call out for speakers, papers, presenters, or what ever else your events may call it. The content of the event is what draws in attendees. Be part of the solution by offering this critical service that events require.

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For an many event organizers, they would rather plan a wedding that build a schedule of speakers. Having a dynamic tool that lets organizers drag and drop sessions into the venue makes planning an event easier than ever.

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From call for papers through the conference execution, conference organizers need to regularly  send notices to speakers and registrants. Sending automated notices that integrates with event content such as speaker name, venue, room, and schedule creates rich email content that is informative and engaging.

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Social media is the life blood of an event. They need tools that draws attendees to  register and commit as early as possible. This means they need to promote their speakers, schedule, and location as early as possible and continue to promote new content.

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Help your event organizers answer those simple questions that consume so much of their time such as "How to get to your event center?"  or "What hotels should I stay at?" or "Where should I go out to eat?" We will help you build this list and your customers will thank you for it again and again and again.

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