Virtual Conference Q&A: Episode 2


There are a lot of questions that should be asked to conference venues from the organization side. Below are some of the most asked questions about Eris Unleashed when discussing how our product can help you unleash your virtual conference.  

Q: What differentiates your product from other competitors?

A: Our product, Eris Unleashed, is cost-effective and maximizes your revenue as a conference organizer. There are no capital startup costs, meaning that we do not charge for the product until people start registering for your conference. After that, it is a per-person cost meaning that you do not have to pay anything out of pocket initially.  

Eris is continuously building and innovating from client feedback. Many of which get incorporated at no additional cost to our clients. We are also able to implement custom integrations and configurations as needed.  

Q: So, I’m interested, how does the product work? 

A: Eris Unleashed works by integrating several different virtual conference platforms, such as zoom and slack, on the back end so that the conference technology is audience-friendly. The best feature of Eris Unleashed is making your conference a one-stop-shop for everything that is needed to tie the conference together. The audience members each register for the conference and then build their personalized schedule based on interests or time conflicts and then have access to that schedule throughout the entire conference period.  

Another benefit to using Eris Unleashed is the polls and surveys. We make it easy for you as a conference organizer to see and understand data from the audience themselves by helping make effective polls and surveys along the way. This data is beneficial to you to build future conferences, and it is beneficial to us to see how we can further improve our product from the audience’s view so that we can continue our collaboration to provide even more meaningful conferences.  

Q: What is the best way to find out more about Eris Unleashed? 

A: The best way to get personalized information that is specific to your conference needs is to schedule a free demo of Eris Unleashed. We understand that every conference is different, we want to help you make your conference live up to everything you imagined it would be.  

Ready to find out more?

At Eris, our mission is to bring people together through better meetings and conferences. We are committed to our community of participants in helping them remain engaged in uncertain times. Contact us today to see how we can help your organization effectively transition to virtual meetings spaces.

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